The story starts ~30 years in the future. The year is 2050, and the world is in a post-apocalyptic state. The human population has declined by roughly 70% due to wars and diseases. Technology has advanced, and AI is mighty in this period. Humans will use augmented reality devices and games to keep themselves busy to distract themselves from reality. The rumor is that humans have been absorbed into a digital world known as "Arcadia" and turned into digital avatars. However, unlike every other Metaverse Augmented reality system, once you enter Arcadia, there is no escaping.

The Universe of Arcadia's primary game mode is based on the idea of the savage nation tournament. Fighters from all walks of life come together to see who has the most might. The game has programmed many different forms of characters, but the two main types are Gamers and Anima.

Orbital Corp is the company that produced the savage nation game; however, very little is known about them. They are said to exist in multi-dimensional, in the "real" world, and in Arcadia. They are said to possess otherworldly powers which give them the ability of mind control. Throughout Arcadia, you will find propaganda that gives off the impression that Orbital Corp is a peacekeeper to the Arcadia Universe. Orbital is known as the creator of the Savage Nation tournament, but we do not know for what reason they created it.

Gamers are humans turned into digital avatars. The gamers fear/obey Orbital. They have no wish to overthrow Orbital because they can't imagine a world without it. Anima is self-aware programs that oppose Orbitals' control and prefer peace to confrontation. Make no mistake though, they are fierce combatants when they need to be.