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Basic Info

General questions about savage nation.

NFT Collection Details

General questions about minting.

Art Info

General questions about our art.

Reveal Info

General questions about Reveals.

IP Rights

General questions about IP rights.

Contact Info

General questions about contacting us.

1.Basic Info

What is Savage Nation?

Savage Nation is a company that's more than just art - it's a movement. We are creating an immersive world with ten dynamic characters, each with their unique traits and abilities, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the Web3 and Web2 space.

What's the roadmap?

At our core, we believe in underpromising and overdelivering. Our team is constantly working on short-term roadmaps that expand our IP and offer exciting experiences for our community. But we don't stop there. We want to surprise and delight our holders with unique experiences that they won't find anywhere else. For those who stay committed to our brand, they'll be in for a ride.

Is Savage Nation going to be a game?

While we don't have any current plans to develop a video game, we are committed to creating gamified experiences through our ecosystem.

2.NFT Collection Details

Which Blockchain is SN on?


What is the Total Supply?

7777 Digital Collectibles

3.Art Info

Who is the artist?

MadKobra, AKA Pedro Carvajal, is an international concept artist based in the Dominican Republic who has worked with Nintendo, Lego, Discord, Adidas, Intel Gaming, and more. He loves creating dystopian characters, and his inspiration comes from anywhere, but mostly includes vintage anime, movies, video games, cyberpunk (especially 1988 Akira), Japanese aesthetic, and pop culture. Madkobra has been in the art industry for more than 15 years and is always motivated by his desire to discover new ways to deliver bold lines, bright colors, and decaying textures to his concepts.

How many Traits are there?

The team has been working on the Savage Nation for nearly 1 year. We developed each character to appeal to collectors and to allow for a complex storyline that can be expanded. At its completion in the very near term, each character will have its custom traits consisting of nearly 1K individual hand-drawn traits.

How many 1/1 will there be?

There are plans to be 20 1/1.

4.Reveal Info

What is the reveal method?

Savage Nation will be a manual reveal, meaning you can reveal your NFT any time after the reveal window opens.

What are the stages of the reveal?

Stage 1 - Minted NFT Cartridge Stage 2 - Character Cartridge Stage 3 - Manual Reveal

Will the NFT be “burned” when revealing?

The NFT will not be burned, instead, the metadata will be updated, and your newly revealed NFT will be visible! This also means that all NFTs will be in the same collection.

How will I be able to reveal my NFT once the reveal opens?

We will have a reveal page on our website where you can connect your wallet and reveal your NFT.

5.IP Rights

What IP rights do I have to my NFT?

By owning a Savage Nation NFT, you own all personal property rights to the token underlying the Savage Nation NFT. Still, you do not own the artwork, brand, or other intellectual property associated with Savage Nation NFT. This means you can use your Savage Nation NFT for commercial use, such as branding or doing derivative works and selling them (making money while doing so).

6.Contact Info

How can I reach out to the Savage Nation team?

You can email us at [email protected].

Is Savage Nation open to whitelist collaborations?

We are closed for collaborations at this point.